Wide Format Printer Inks

Photo / Graphics (Aqua Dye Ink) Photo / Graphics
(Aqua Pigment Ink)

One of the earliest products produced by Prism Inks is standard aqua dye ink and archival ink.
Long a foundation of its ink business, Prism provides dye ink for a variety of different applications, including photographic and graphic arts imaging.

Using only the best components, both the standard dye ink and archival ink rival current inks
available in the market for color gamut, archiving, lightfastness and overall vividness. Additionally, Prism uses the Dye that enhances the longevity of the Image for Museum application
Aqua Dye Ink is available for both piezo and thermal print heads.

Prism developed its high-quality Aqua Pigment Ink during the same time frame as its Aqua Dye
Ink. Having both types of ink allows a user to take advantage of the wonderful capabilities of each ink.
The pigment ink from Prism uses either self-dispersing micro-encapsulated pigments, a leading technology used only by premier providers, or polymer pigments. The different types of
pigments used are dependent upon the application. Aqua Pigment Ink is traditionally used
where image lightfastness or durability is required, and Prism delivers. Aqua Pigment Ink is available for piezo printheads.


  • Extended Lightfastness
  • Highly Durable Images
  • Expansive Color Gamut Not Offered by Others
  • Available for Piezo Printheads
  • Made in the USA


  • Photographic
  • Graphics Arts

Direct to Textile (Aqua Dye Sub Ink)

With outstanding density and wide color gamut, the Prism direct-to-textile ink is quickly becoming a standard for those requiring industrial fabric printing on polyester. Our use of nanoparticle technology provides excellent jetting and enhanced dot gain capabilities for optimum printhead performance.


  • Industrial Direct-to-Textile Imaging on Polyester
  • Outstanding Light Fastness
  • Wide Color Gamut
  • High Density Colors with Deep Black
  • Ultra-Crisp, Vibrant and Detailed Transfer Images
  • Made in the USA


  • Trade Show Graphics
  • Household Goods
  • Outdoor Signage

Sold by ImageLine as Go SubliMate Brand

Dye Sub to Cotton (Aqua Dye Sub Ink)

Users worldwide have used Prism’s dye sub to cotton liquid solution, which allows standard dye sub ink to “Fuze” to cotton fabric. Virtually any dye sub printer will be capable of imaging transfers for use with both polyester and cotton using the Prism liquid solution.
All a user must do is apply the solution to the cotton and then press it with a heat press. Once the solution is dry, a user can print a dye sub transfer sheet using their standard process and
transfer the image using a heat press.
The Prism dye sub to cotton solution is so easy to use we call it “Spray & Press”


  • Dye Sub to Cotton Made Super Easy–Just Spray and Press!
  • Allows Any Standard Dye Sub Ink to “Fuze” to 100% Cotton Fabrics
  • Handheld Kits Available
  • Patent-Pending Polymer Chemistry
  • Highly Compatible with GO SubliMateTM Dye Sub Ink
  • Transfer Dye Sub Images onto Cotton Textile
  • Made in the USA


  • Dye Sub to Cotton Substrates

Sold by ImageLine as Go Fuze Brand

Dye Sub to Paper (Aqua Dye Sub Ink)

Vibrant colors with deep blacks have become the trademark of the Prism Sublimation Ink. The
Prism Dye Sub Ink features new dispersing technology that materially increases jetting reliability,
image quality, shelf life and color consistency. The result is consistent, vivid and beautiful images on a day-to-day basis.
This product is available for many different Printheads.


  • Features New Dispersing Dye Sub Technology
  • Outstanding Light Fastness
  • High Density Colors with Deep Black
  • Ultra-Crisp, Vibrant and Detailed Transfer Images
  • High Speed Imaging with Fast Drying
  • Available in Bottles, Bags and Cartridges
  • Made in the USA


  • Dye Sub to Fabrics
  • Dye Sub to Hard Surfaces

Sold by ImageLine as Go SubliMate Brand

Signs and Banners (Eco-Solvent Ink)

With the introduction of its eco-solvent formulation, Prism established a new standard for moving to a much more environmentally friendly ink. The Prism eco-solvent formulation is known for its vibrant colors, excellent jet-ability and overall performance. Best of all, depending upon the substrate being used, the outdoor durability is among the best of any inks available. Additionally, the images are scratch resistant and generally do not need lamination, again, depending on the type of substrate being used.


  • Low Solvent Smell – For Safer Working Environments
  • Formulated with Better Pigment Binders for Longer Lasting Adhesion
  • Pigmented Selected for High Color Gamut
  • Brilliant and Saturated Colors for Eye Popping Images and Graphic Quality
  • Excellent Light Fastness with Impressively High UV Resistance
  • Wide Range Media Compatibility
  • Made in the USA


  • Indoor / Outdoor Signage
  • Trade Show Graphics
  • Car Wraps

Sold by ImageLine as Go EcoMate Brand

Sign and Banners (UV / LED Curable Ink)

Recognizing the enormous potential of UV Curable Ink, Prism Inks has long been involved with manufacturing this type of product. Not only will our UV ink adhere to most substrates, but the
imaged substrate will be usable almost immediately. Additionally, our UV ink is environmentally very safe, with no VOCs, ozone or fumes being released into the air, and the energy needed for curing the ink is lower than other printing technologies. The inks are designed for high-speed


  • UV inks can adhere to most substrate making one of the most adaptable inks available
  • Drying is instant due to the curing process of the UV lamps
  • Colors are vibrant and sharper than other types of inks
  • Quality is consistent over long imaging runs
  • Very eco-friendly due to the lack of VOCs
  • Made in the USA


  • Packaging
  • Signs and Banners

Contact Us

ImageLine, Inc.
59 Halley Drive
Blue Point, NY 11772

(V)(516) 993-1911


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