Inkjet Negative and Positive Film Systems

Easy Neg Inkjet Film Systems

Eliminate traditional silver-halide film generated from camera or imagesetter with our eco-friendly Easy Neg Inkjet Film Systems. Using our inkjet film, UV Blocking Hi-Density Ink, customized RIP, and Epson Printer, produce high-density inkjet film negatives suitable for making photopolymer and liquid photopolymer plates for Flexo, as well as offset plates. If your needs are for superior film positives for screen printing, we can help you.  With Easy Neg Ink Jet Film Systems you can produce high-quality inkjet film negatives (and positives) using our inkjet films and specially formulated High-Density UV Blocking Aqueous Dye Ink. We now offer three cartridge-free printing systems of 11″x17″ maximum width, 13”x19”maximum width, and 24”maximum width. If you currently do not make your negatives or positives in-house, if you are still using a camera, or if your imagesetter is causing problems, these systems are for you. Computer to Film (CTF) is a great alternative to Computer to Plate (CTP) if you want to update your prepress area and simplify workflow.  Contact ImageLine for more information.

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Top Reasons to Use Easy Neg Inkjet Film Systems

Our High-Density UV Blocking Aqueous Dye Ink is manufactured in an automated factor in the midst of Silicon Valley. The ink has been manufactured for over 20 years and is a leading provider to the industry.

Our High-Density UV Blocking Aqueous Dye Ink offers a DMax of up to 5.0 and UV light absorption of 99.9% at substantially lower prices than the competition.  The quality and feature set of our ink is unrivaled in the print world.

We offer the highest quality imaging of any 24” turnkey solution.  Our 24” turnkey solution offers professional film positives and negatives using our Inkjet Films, the Epson©T3170x and the CadLink©FilmMaker RIP.

The Epson©T3170x is robust and meant for years of technical imaging. Not only does the Epson©T3170x include the latest MicroTFP printhead, but being able to drive this printer in its highest resolution means the user will have professional results every time.

CadLink’s FilmMaker version for the Epson©T3170x includes high-end screen print controls and the ability to image at a high screen line. Cadlink’s RIP drives the printer in native mode, not as a windows driver, which means you have far more control over dot shapes, density and screen line.

The CadLink©FilmMaker RIP includes InRIP Color Separations. Why use a third-party application or pay hundreds more for a product that does not contain true screen capabilities.

Our Inkjet Films have a Microporous coating and are water resistant. Our films have been proven to produce high quality film negatives and positives with consistency over many years.

All our Easy Neg Inkjet Film Systems offer our High Density UV Blocking Aqueous Dye Ink, CadLink© FilmMaker RIP, and Epson© Printer, tailored to your maximum width output requirement.

If you want an easy to use cartridge-free printing system to produce inkjet film negatives or positives from 11″x17″ to 24″ wide output that can be handled with a desktop format, our Easy Neg Inkjet Film Systems are for you.  Including printer, RIP, HD UV Ink and Inkjet Film, systems range in price from $1400.00 to $3200.00. Produce high-quality inkjet film positives or negatives for prices you thought were not possible.

Thermal Graphic Arts Film System

Want a system that requires no chemicals and is virtually maintenance-free? Our Thermal TDP system from Mitsubishi, TFP-100 offers:

  • Truly process less clear graphic arts thermal film
  • Absolutely no chemicals are required for the imaging of the film
  • A high level of dimensional stability enables accurate registration
  • DMAX>4 and film is available in 200′ rolls
  • Ask us for TDP-459e/324e information

The following supplies are used to complete The Easy Neg Inkjet Film System, including ImageLine’s UV Blocking Hi Density Aqueous Dye Inks, and a variety of high quality Inkjet Films.  Our Inks and Inkjet Films are also available to use in any existing system used to make inkjet film negatives and positives,  at very competitive pricing.  Email  for a competitive price quote. We accept most major credit cards.

High-Density UV Blocking Aqueous Dye Inks

  • WDKL-404 UV Blocking Hi-Density Aqueous 1 Liter Bottle (Dye)
  • WDKG-404 UV Blocking Hi-Density Aqueous 1 Gallon Bottle (Dye)
  • WDKC-408 350 ml Cartridge for Epson 7900/9900, 7700/9700, 7890/9890 (Specify printer model and ink slot needed) (Dye)
  • WDKC-409 700 ml Cartridge for Epson 7900/9900, 7700/9700, 7890/9890 (Specify printer model and ink slot needed) (Dye)
  • WDKC-412 350 ml Cartridge for Epson T Series Printers (Specify printer model and ink slot needed) (Dye)
  • WDKC-413 700 ml Cartridge for Epson T Series Printers (Specify printer model and ink slot needed) (Dye)
  • WDKC-410 200 ml Cartridge for Epson 4900 (Specify printer Slot) (Dye)
  • WDKC-404 220ml Cartridge for Epson 4800 Printer (Specify Slot) (Dye)
  • WDKC-402 220ml Cartridge for Epson 7600/9600 Printer (Specify Slot) (Dye)
  • WDKC-405 220 ml Cartridge for Epson 9800 Printer (Specify Slot) (Dye)
  • WDKC-406 220 ml Cartridge for Epson 4880 Printer Specify Slot) (Dye)
  • WDKC-407 220 ml Cartridge for Epson 7880/9880 Printer (Specify Slot) (Dye)

Choose the Bulk Ink System needed for your printer. Bulk Ink Systems come with cartridges specified below for each Epson Printer as standard, Chip Resetter, Funnel, and Syringe. 7700/9700, 7890/9890, and 7900/9900 also include an extra chip for each slot.

  • 90-1320-001 for Epson 4880 Photo Black (PK) and Light Black (LK)
  • BULK4900 for Epson 4900 Photo Black (PK) and Light Black (LK)
  • BULK7890 for Epson 7890/9890, 7900/9900 Photo Black (PK) and Light Black (LK)
  • BULK9880 for Epson 9880/7880 Photo Black (PK) and Light Black (LK)
  • 90-2855-001 for Epson T Series Bulk Ink System includes Cartridges for 5 Slots, Syringe, and Funnel plus an extra chip for each slot.

Inkjet Films

ImageLine has an inkjet transparent film available for every possible job you may have. For superior negative and positive output with our Easy Neg Inkjet Film System, Premium Film FP is the choice. Combined with our High-Resolution Inkjet Printer to Film RIPS for Epson and ImageLine UV Blocking High-Density Inks, you will have negatives and positives of unmatched quality.

Whatever your needs are, we have the Inkjet Film, Ink, and RIP to get your job done. Choose the product that is best for you from the following:

Premium Film FP Designed for Film Negatives and Positives, instant dry for Epson and all other Inkjet Printers. Use with dye-based or pigmented inks.  6 mil base on 3″ Core.

  • PFFP17200 17″x200′
  • PFFP24200 24″x200′
  • PFFP36200 36″x200′
  • PFFP42200 42″x200′
  • PFFP44200 44″x200′
  • PFFP60200 60″x200′
  • PFFP85110 8.5″x 11″ 100 Sheets
  • PFFP1117 11″x 17″ 100 Sheets
  • PFFP1319 13″x 19″ 100 Sheets
  • PFFP1722 17″x 19″ 100 Sheets
  • PFFP3242 32″x 42″ 50 Sheets

Premium Film M6- 6 mils Textured Surface Inkjet Film designed to produce film negatives and positives for Flexo or other applications where enhanced textured surface for better drawdown is required. Compatible with both dye and pigment inks.

  • PFM617100 17″x 100′ 3″ core
  • PFM624100 24″x 100′ 3″ core
  • PFM636100 36″x 100′ 3″ core
  • PFM644100 44″x 100′ 3″ core
  • PFM660100 60″x 100′ 3″ core

ImageLine IFWP and IFWPM Waterproof Inkjet  Films provide excellent quality film positives at economical prices.  IFWP and IFWPM are Waterproof Inkjet Films that work in Dye or Pigment inks.  Each will provide results you would expect from more expensive products, are instant drying with inkjet receptive coatings, and high DMAX with low ink usage.

IFWPM Waterproof Inkjet Film–Matte grain surface of the film enables good vacuum and excellent image transfer on the Screen which also prevents the transfer of ink to the mesh. Excellent dot sharpness and solid black reproduction for superior image quality. Microporous Matte Grain Coating 1 side. .004″ Polyester Base.

  • IFWPM8511 8.5″x11″ 100 Sheets/Box
  • IFWPM8514 8.5″x14″ 100 Sheets/Box
  • IFWPM1117 11″x17″ 100 Sheets/Box
  • IFWPM1319 13″x19″ 100 Sheets/Box
  • IFWPM1722 17″x22″ 100 Sheets/Box
  • IFWPM17100 17″x100′
  • IFWPM24100 24″x100′
  • IFWPM44100 44″x100′

IFWP Waterproof Inkjet Film -IFWP is Compatible with dye and pigment inks, Images Halftone Screens and Line Art with Clarity, Fast Drying time & Developed for Print positives & negatives, Anti Static Coating, Translucent surface finish, coated on 1 side. .004″ Polyester Base.

  • IFWP8511 8.5″x 11″ 100 Sheets/Box
  • IFWP8514 8.5″x 14″ 100 Sheets/Box
  • IFWP1117 11″x 17″ 100 Sheets/Box
  • IFWP1319 13″x 19″ 100 Sheets/Box
  • IFWP1722 17″x 22″ 100 Sheets/Box
  • IFWP13100 13″x100
  • IFWP14100 14″x100′
  • IFWP17100 17″x100′
  • IFWP24100 24″x100′
  • IFWP36100 36″x100′
  • IFWP44100 44″x100′
  • IFWP50100 50″x100′
  • IFWP60100 60″x100′

Super Clear/HD Inkjet Film -Instant dry, use in Thermal or Piezo printers with Dye or Pigmented inks. Use with all Piezo Printers.  Features High Densities for Overlays, Die Lines, and Film Negatives and Positives. 5.5 mil base on 3″ Core.

  • SCHD14100 14″x100′
  • SCHD17100 17″x100′
  • SCHD24100 24″x100′
  • SCHD36100 36″x100′
  • SCHD42100 42″x100′
  • SCHD44100 44″x100′
  • SCHD54100 54″x100′
  • SCHD60100 60″x100′
  • SCHD85110 8.5″x 11″ 100 Sheets
  • SCHD11170 11″x 17″ 100 Sheets
  • SCHD13190 13″x 19″ 100 Sheets
  • SCHD17210 17″x 21″ 100 Sheets
  • SCHD3242 32″x 42″ 50 Sheets

dMax Inkjet Film is an economical Microporous coated Inkjet film that is water-resistant. Excellent results with our cartridge-free Easy Neg Film Systems.

  • M-234-GOD4-R13 dMax 4- Film Roll – 13″x100′
  • M-234-GOD4-R17 dMax 4- Film Roll – 17″x100′
  • M-234-GOD4-R24 dMax 4- Film Roll – 24″x100′
  • M-234-GOD4-R44 dMax 4- Film Roll – 44″x100′
  • M-234-GOD4-R60 dMax 4- Film Roll – 60″x100′
  • M-234-GOD4-S8511 dMax 4- Film Sheets – 100 SHEETS – 8.5″x11”
  • M-234-GOD4-S8514 dMax 4- Film Sheets – 100 SHEETS- 8.5″x14″
  • M-234-GOD4-S1117 dMax 4- Film Sheets – 100 SHEETS – 11″x17″
  • M-234-GOD4-S1318 dMax 4- Film Sheets – 100 SHEETS – 13″x18″
  • M-234-GOD4-S1319 dMax 4- Film Sheets – 100 SHEETS – 13″x19″

Clear Film WTCrystal Clear Film with Interleaf Backing. Fast Drying, designed for Epson Printers and HP Z Series Printers. 5 mil, 2″ Core.

  • CFWT17100 17″x100′
  • CFWT24100 24″x100′
  • CFWT44100 44″x100′

Clear Film/WS Ultra Clear Film (With Stripes) Crystal Clear Film designed for Epson Printers and HP Series 2 Printers. For Film Overlay, Color Key, and White Ink. Fast-drying. 5 mil on 2″ Core with stripes.

  • CFWS1775 17″x75′
  • CFWS2475 24″x75′
  • CFWS3675 36″x75′
  • CFWS4275 42″x75′
  • CFWS4475 44″x75′

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