Imagesetting Films

HN/RLD, IR, and LED Imagesetting Films

Whatever your need is in Imagesetting Film, ImageLine has the product you need. We cover all the spectrums, HN/RLD, IR, and LED.  Each product will yield exceptional output results while offering the user the most affordable prices available. Clear and Matte HN/RLD Imagesetting Films are available, IR and LED are Clear Imagesetting Films only. Choose the product needed from those listed below, most popular sizes and specs are available.

HN/RLD Imagesetting Films

HN/RLD products are available in all sizes and specs, in Clear or Matte versions, for all production requirements.  HN/RLD products are for Imagesetters equipped with Helium Neon Laser and extended Red Laser Diode light sources (630-670nm).

DHN-4 Clear Imagesetting Film HN/RLD dual spectrum Imagesetting Film for Imagesetters equipped with Helium Neon Lasers to Far Red Laser Diode exposure source, with a Color Sensitivity of 630nm to 670nm. DHN-4 features Anti-Static protection, High Contrast, High D-Max, Low D-Min, wide processing latitude and high resolution for fine screens. Use an EncapSulite T20/ND 1.05 Safelight or equivalent when loading film packaged without daylight load. .004” Polyester Base.

DHNM-4 Matte HN/RLD Imagesetting Film – all the same features of DHN-4 with the addition of a High Matte Surface for rapid drawdown in vacuum frames.  Use with most photopolymer printing plates. .004” Polyester Base.

IPRLDM-7 Matte Imagesetting Film HN/RLD Hard Dot– coated on .007″ Polyester Base for use in applications where dimensional stability is critical and to avoid possible kinking when large output is required.

IR Imagesetting Products are available in all sizes and specs; clear only, for all production requirements. For use with Imagesetters using an Infrared (IR) exposure source with a color sensitivity of 780nm.

DIR-4 Clear IR Imagesetting Film – DIR-4 features Anti-Static Protection, High Speed Level, High D-Max, Low D-Min, Wide Working Latitude, High Resolution and High Surface Resistance and Backing Structure. Use an EncapSulite T20/ND 1.05 safelight or equivalent when loading film packaged without daylight load. .004″ Polyester Base.

LED Imagesetting Film

DLED-4 Imagesetting Film– Spectral sensitivity- LED-array light source 660nm- Good image quality with perfect “hard dot” sharpness and very high practical density, Very wide System latitude: Wide processing & exposure latitude coated on a .004” Polyester base.

Traditional Camera Films

DCF-4- Camera Speed, high contrast film, processed in rapid access chemistry. DCF-4 provides optimum dimensional stability, with a high D-Max and a low D-Min. Use under a Red 1A safelight or equivalent. .004″ Polyester Base.  Available in sheet and roll sizes.

IKHDM-4 Matte Rapid Access Camera Film with a matte surface on the emulsion side for rapid, uniform vacuum drawdown when using flexographic printing plates. .004” Polyester Base.

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Latest News

Is your Imagesetter in need of repair and are you having problems getting parts? 

Do you still have a camera from the 20th Century taking up a lot of valuable production space? 

Have you checked the latest prices of developer and fix and added in shipping costs? 

Are you paying to have your chemistry carted away? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, talk to us about one of our Computer to Film Solutions. For less than you would expect, we can satisfy your negative or positive film output requirements, from 8.5” to 44” wide.

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