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Inkjet Proofing Products And Display Graphic Media From:

  • Proof Line
  • Mitsubishi
  • Kodak
  • HP

Easy Neg Inkjet Film System-Supplies from and including:

  • Mitsubishi
  • ImageLine
  • High-Density UV Blocking Aqueous Dye Ink
  • RIP Software
  • Bulk Ink Systems

Wide Format Printer Ink For:

  • Epson
  • HP
  • Roland
  • Mutoh
  • Mimaki

Imagesetting And Traditional Films:

  • HN/RLD Clear and Matte Imagesetting Film
  • IR Imagesetting Film
  • RA Camera Film
  • LED Imagesetting Film

Contact Us:

ImageLine, Inc.
59 Halley Drive
Blue Point, NY 11772
(v) (516) 993-1911
(E) sales@imageline-inc.com

HP Media for all applications
HP Inkjet Media for all applications

ImageLineImageLine provides customers with high-quality prepress imaging products at prices attractive to everyone, from the world’s most reliable manufacturers. Whether your need is the latest inkjet media from HP, Kodak, Proof Line, or Mitsubishi, we have what you need. Inks for your Epson, Canon, Roland, HP or other printers, both wide format and desktop are available. Still have a need for imagesetting or traditional camera films, we have the products to keep your production costs low and quality high. Thinking of replacing your imagesetter or camera, our Easy Neg Inkjet Film System offers an eco-friendly computer to film solution. Produce Inkjet Film Negatives for use with photopolymer, liquid photopolymer or offset plates with imagesetter quality. The Easy Neg system is also Easy Positive. We have economical waterproof positive films and high density black positive ink screen printers need to produce outstanding film positives. If you have a small format need for film positives or negatives, we also have a complete system available for under $1400.00.

Are you using or interested in a Dye Sublimation System at a great price, we can help you. We provide a High Quality Desktop Dye Sub System with Outstanding Industrial Quality Dye Sub Ink, Including Neon Colors.

Inkjet Proofing products from industry leaders Mitsubishi, Kodak, HP, and Proof Line, all meeting SWOP and GRACoL standards fulfill your proofing requirements.

KODAK Inkjet Photo Papers: Decades of Color Research = Unsurpassed Quality
Provide the Kodak advantage of unsurpassed quality to keep discerning customers loyal for life. Kodak is the most experienced in the world when it comes to providing high-resolution photographic paper, and now offers a versatile line of products compatible with aqueous and solvent printers. These next-generation papers have been updated to take advantage of the wider color gamut and improved ink technology of the latest wide format inkjet printers. Their instant-dry coating prevents smudging and fingerprints, provides hassle-free production, and are available in matte, lustre, gloss, or metallic finish. KODAK PROFESSIONAL Photographic Paper is not just for portraits; it can be used for POP, retail signage, and displays — wherever you want to make a statement with rich, vibrant images.

The HP Graphics & Technical media portfolio is designed to meet the needs of graphics, photography, and technical professionals. All products deliver vivid, high-quality prints and offer excellent price-to-performance ratios. We’ve got you covered:
Quality: Original HP large format printing materials make use of advanced HP-engineered coatings to take the guesswork out of producing high-quality, long-lasting prints.
Permanence: HP designs and tests all of its large format printing material for optimal durability; to resist light, air and humidity, fading, thermal degradation, and shelf-life issues
Reliability: HP large format printing materials are designed and tested to provide a trouble-free printing experience. All Original HP printing materials are covered by a BMG warranty.
Sustainability: We are committed to reducing the impact of printing on the environment. The HP large format printing materials portfolio includes both FSC® and PEFC™ certified papers.

Proof Line delivers color-critical inkjet media and software solutions to demanding color printing and photographic professionals. Utilizing state-of-the-art test equipment and color management tools with a high degree of technical support and application experience, Proof Line offers unmatched color-critical solutions for the proofing, photography, and display graphics market.

Mitsubishi Imaging provides a wide range of superior inkjet media developed and manufactured with their over 25 years experience in the inkjet arena and are well-known for their cutting edge technology that leverages its long and extensive experience in the printing and photographic industries. With Mitsubishi’s wide range of product lines you can enjoy one stop shopping for inkjet media that shows unique and outstanding performance with virtually all types of aqueous and solvent inks.

These companies provide products for all your Inkjet Wide-Format requirements. Our extensive line of Wide-Format Inks meets or exceeds OEM specifications. Aqueous, Textile, Eco and Solvent Inks are available for printers manufactured by Epson, HP, Roland, Mutoh, Mimaki, Canon and others.

We have the knowledge and expertise to help you maximize your output quality while minimizing your costs. Contact us and let us show you how we can partner together to grow your business.

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