Inkjet Proofing Products And Display Graphic Media From:

  • Proof Line
  • Mitsubishi
  • Kodak
  • HP
  • Fine Eye

Easy Neg Inkjet Film System Inkjet Films And supplies From:

  • Mitsubishi
  • ImageLine
  • UV Blocking Inks
  • RIPS
  • Bulk Ink Systems

Wide Format Printer Inks For:

  • Epson
  • HP
  • Roland
  • Mutoh
  • Mimaki

Imagesetting And Traditional Films:

  • HN/RLD Clear and Matte Imagesetting Film
  • IR Imagesetting Film
  • RA Camera Film
  • Bright Light Contact and Duplicating Film (Matte)
  • LED Imagesetting Film

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HP Media for all applications

HP Inkjet Media for all applications

ImageLineImageLine provides customers with high quality prepress imaging products at prices attractive to everyone, from the world’s most reliable manufacturers. Whether your need is the latest inkjet media from HP, Kodak or Mitsubishi, or the latest in digital direct to film or plate output, ImageLine has the right product for you. Still have a need for traditional imagesetting  or camera films, we have he products you need.  Thinking of replacing your imagesetter or camera, our Easy Neg Inkjet Film System offers an ecofriendly computer to film solution. Produce Inkjet Film Negatives for use with photopolymer, liquid photopolymer or offset plates with imagesetter quality.

Our Thermal Digiplate System from Mitsubishi is available with direct to plate or film output. Mitsubishi Imaging makes going green affordable with the eco-friendly Thermal DigiPlate, the 2-up CTP system ideal for small printers who want an environmentally friendly upgrade from analog and electrostatic plates and the ability to image film.
Mitsubishi Imaging’s processless and chemistry-free Thermal DigiPlater is a 2-up dual function platesetter and film imager. The system is available in two configurations: TDP-459 and TDP-324. Media options include TDP-R175 paper-based plates and TFP-100 graphic arts thermal film. Thermal DigiPlate CTP system is ideal for small printers producing mostly one to two color jobs, who want an environmentally friendly upgrade from analog and electrostatic plates, with the added benefit of being able to image graphic arts film.

The Thermal DigiPlate System is eco-friendly because it is a truly processless system that uses Mitsubishi Imaging’s patented thermal fusing technology to create a high-contrast image on the plate without chemical development, wash-off or ablation. The system eliminates the need for chemicals, toner, ink ribbon, processer maintenance and chemical disposal reducing your business’ impact on the environment.

The Thermal DigiPlate System will produce up to 75 plates/hour widths from 9″ up to 18.1″ width and lengths up to x 20.8″ length, it is also well suited for high-volume environments looking for an eco-friendly option.

NEW! Introducing the TDP-750E DigiPlater
Mitsubishi Imaging has introduced its new, chemistry-free TDP-750E DigiPlater and Thermal film Imaging System, designed for 4-up, high-volume printers who specialize in one or two color jobs. The TDP-750E requires absolutely no chemicals, toner, ink or ribbon, so it is easy and cost-effective to maintain. The fully automated TDP-750E requires minimal training and produces up to 55 clean, press ready plates or high-density thermal film outputs per hour. With 1204 dpi resolution, high-speed production and the capability of making both plates and film, the TDP-750E is well suited for high volume environments looking for a productive and eco-friendly option.

Features of the Eco-Friendly Thermal DigiPlate TDP-459E/324E platesetter
Thermal inline head technology
Optimized for 2-up format with a resolution of 1200 dpi/120 lpi
No chemicals, toner or ink ribbon are necessary, providing easy maintenance
High speed – 75 plates/hr
Features of the Eco-Friendly Thermal DigiPlate TDP-R175 plates
Truly processless CTP paper-based plate
Absolutely no chemicals are required for the processing of the printing plates
High image contrast, good repeatability and easy control of the images
The resin coated paper plate is available in 246′ rolls
Features of the Eco-Friendly Graphic Arts Film TFP-100
Truly processless clear graphic arts thermal film
Absolutely no chemicals are required for the imaging of the film
High level of dimensional stability enables accurate registration
DMAX>4 and film is available in 200′ rolls.

Inkjet Proofing products from industry leaders Mitsubishi, Kodak, HP, and Proof Line, all meeting SWOP and GRACoL standards fulfill your proofing requirements.

KODAK Inkjet Photo Papers: Decades of Color Research = Unsurpassed Quality
Provide the Kodak advantage of unsurpassed quality to keep discerning customers loyal for life. Kodak is the most experienced in the world when it comes to providing high-resolution photographic paper, and now offers a versatile line of products compatible with aqueous and solvent printers. These next-generation papers have been updated to take advantage of the wider color gamut and improved ink technology of the latest wide format inkjet printers. Their instant-dry coating prevents smudging and fingerprints, provides hassle-free production, and are available in matte, lustre, gloss, or metallic finish. KODAK PROFESSIONAL Photographic Paper is not just for portraits; it can be used for POP, retail signage, and displays — wherever you want to make a statement with rich, vibrant images.

The HP Graphics & Technical media portfolio is designed to meet the needs of graphics, photography, and technical professionals. All products deliver vivid, high-quality prints and offer excellent price-to-performance ratios. We’ve got you covered:
Quality: Original HP large format printing materials make use of advanced HP-engineered coatings to take the guesswork out of producing high-quality, long-lasting prints.
Permanence: HP designs and tests all of its large format printing material for optimal durability; to resist light, air and humidity, fading, thermal degradation, and shelf-life issues
Reliability: HP large format printing materials are designed and tested to provide a trouble-free printing experience. All Original HP printing materials are covered by a BMG warranty.
Sustainability: We are committed to reducing the impact of printing on the environment. The HP large format printing materials portfolio includes both FSC® and PEFC™ certified papers.

These companies provide products for all your Inkjet Wide-Format requirements. Our extensive line of Wide-Format Inks meets or exceeds OEM specifications. Aqueous, Textile, Eco and Solvent Inks are available for printers manufactured by Epson, HP, Roland, Mutoh, Mimaki, Canon and others.

We have the knowledge and expertise to help you maximize your output quality while minimizing your costs. Contact us and let us show you how we can partner together to grow your business.